Splendid Software to Erase Browser History on Android Phone

I have a skeptic feeling that someone saw unlocking pattern in my Android Phone!

If you have ever faced such situation, what is the first thing that comes in your mind? It would be definitely to erase personal details like bank account access numbers and passwords from the notes/reminder folder. But have you forgotten an important sphere of data scenario in Smartphone? The most important aspect which any user should be concerned with such situations is the browsing data which includes browsing cache, cookies and history. Because using these attributes any second user can directly access the mail account and view any account details in the mail. All these should be erased properly. If you try the manual way, it may require you to go through several steps to erase the browsing history.

How browsing history can be erased from Android Phone in an easy way?

Apart from manual method of browsing history deletion, user can also delete it by using the help of software which will help the user to make things easier. If the user wants to delete the browsing history after each and every session of internet browsing, then it can be tiresome to follow the procedure every single time. So, by using these types of software user can lot of time.

Most common reasons requiring browser history deletion:

As told, chief reason of browsing history deletion is due to security issues. Other main reason is to increase the speed of internet browser by erasing junk files. On more reason is that if the browser file is filled with junk files, then it can lead to phone slowdown or even crash while using that browser.

What’s the name of the software?

If you are looking for a trustworthy and software which gives proper result in a quick manner to erase the browsing history, Remo MORE is the name of that king software.

Result-driven software:

Remo MORE is software by using which user can expect the result to erase browser history on android phone in a practical manner. This software once started for erasing browser history, immediately scans for accumulated cache, cookies and temporary files in browser and clears it. This software keeps on updating itself with the changing internet scenarios and is available for free in Google Playstore. Remo MORE is such software which can be used in variety of Android supportable phone brands like Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony etc.

Simple steps to erase browser history:

  • Download and install the software in your Android supported phone.
  • Out of the four basic options select “Optimize”.
  • A number of tabs will emerge in the next screen. Select “Privacy Cleaner” out of those options.
  • A list of browsing history will emerge, select “Clean Browser History”.
  • Now, it will ask to “Clean NOW”, select “OK” and the browser history will be cleared.