Creative Guidelines to Boost MacBook Performance

Hi all…since 2010 I am using MacBook with 150GB hard drive with 2GB RAM but nowadays it has become very sluggish and consuming enough time to perform tasks. My friends suggested me some manual methods to speed up MacBook performance, I simply know what they are. Hence, please anyone recommend me the right suggestion to boot up my MacBook speed. Any type of help will be appreciated.

This is the common problem faced by majority of MacBook users and if you are one among them then don’t panic. Here you will get full details on how to boot MacBook performance. Some imperative tips you can manually do to improve MacBook performance. Let us discuss some tips:

  • Clean out startup items: Only few apps automatically set themselves as a Login item, which makes them to open at every restart or login. You can find your startup items list by navigating to Apple Menu > System Preferences > Accounts > Login Items. In order to clear them, just choose the item by clicking on its name and then click on “minus” button at the bottom of the list.
  • Evaluate your widgets: You can find hundreds of helpful widgets obtainable for free but there are many which you will not use even though they are widely used by others. It consumes RAM and Processor power to keep these widgets running, even when the Dashboard is hidden, so a strict evaluation of what widgets you do utilize can boost computing speed.
  • Clean off your hard disk: If your hard disk has lots of stuff, it will create problems. You may not understand that Mac OS utilizes the free space on your hard disk as “Virtual memory” and it depends heavily on that virtual memory to run effectively. In case your MacBook is too slow, it means your hard disk is full.
  • Upgrade your MacBook: Upgrading Mac OS X is a finest method to improve slow MacBook. Mac OS X has a compressed memory feature which reduces the quantity of memory used in inactive apps to make more RAM obtainable for the apps you are using. Adding more memory is another option to boost MacBook performance. Your MacBook ships with 4GB but can be upgraded to 8GB.
  • Don’t use animated desktop background

Well, these are some manual tips you need to be execute regularly if and only if you are from technical background. In case you are novice user then don’t follow these steps because a single wrong turn results in large amount of data loss. Thus, according to professional experts it is better to use Remo More tool. It will automatically find all issues and fixes them without users help. It permits you to schedule the software on weekly, daily or monthly basis. This mirthful utility can automatically erase junk data including Trash files, temporary internet data and duplicate files from hard drive. Simultaneously, it even removes browser junk such as cookies, cache, history and boost MacBook performance. You can use this application to speed up MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac and Mac Mini.