How to Retrieve Data from RAID

It might happen that you might have accidentally deleted some files that you have stored in RAID partition of your system. After deleting files you may realize that the one which you have deleted accidentally was very important one and it is quite obvious that you want it back at any cost.

Such situations might be very distressing as you might not even have any backup copy maintained. But, now no need to worry; you can easily restore those files with the help of some recovery software.

What exactly happens when you delete / lost file from RAID partition?

Usually, when a file is deleted / lost from the RAID partition only its address pointer will be erased but not the file. This makes the file hidden in the memory space. The files are still present in the space unless you overwrite it with any new data.

Hence, in order to recover such data you need to use Remo Data Recovery Software. Its built in advanced algorithms easily recovers data from RAID partition within few clicks. Thus, it is the perfect answer for the question how to recover RAID files.

Note: Avoid using RAID partition soon after your sense data loss so as to increase the possibilities of data recovery

Remo Data Recovery Software

Data Recovery software by Remo deeply scans entire RAID partition in order to restore lost or deleted files from RAID partition with utmost ease. It also helps you to recover data from deleted / formatted / re-formatted / corrupted RAID partition. It supports data recovery from different levels of RAID like RAID 0, RAID 1, and RAID 5.

Moreover, it supports file recovery from partition formatted with file system like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT, HFSX and HFS+. Not just RAID partition, you can use this tool to recover files from storage devices like memory cards, pen drives, external hard drives, etc.

Other Notable Features of Remo Recover software:

  • You can use this tool for recovering files like documents, audio files, video files, images and others effortlessly
  • On the basis of file types, data can be restored easily
  • You can even add / edit new signatures for files that are not listed
  • Helps you to view recovered results before saving it using Preview option
  • Creates disk images to bypass bad sectors present on the hard drive
  • Recovered files can be stored in any storage location including CD and DVD

Reasons for data loss from RAID partition

Accidental Deletion– You might have accidentally deleted important files from RAID partition while deleting unwanted files from it. This may lead to data loss situation.

Accidental Formatting: Mistakenly you might have formatted RAID partition containing important files instead of formatting some other drive or partition. In some case to get rid of some format error messages you might have formatted entire drive containing your RAID partition and thus lost all the data from it.

Partition Table Corruption– As you know, partition table holds all the information about volumes present on your drive. If it gets corrupt due to any reasons then there is chance of complete data loss from RAID partition.

Transfer Error– If any kind of interruption occurs while transferring files from your RAID partition to some other drive, then there is chance of file loss.

Likewise, there are many other reasons due to which you may lose data from RAID partition. Regardless of above mentioned reasons, there are many other situations which may result in to file loss from RAID partition. Whatever might be the reason, you can easily get them back with the help of Remo Data Recovery software.

Tips to avoid file loss from RAID partition in future

  • Take a backup of RAID data on any other external storage device
  • Be careful while formatting or deleting RAID partition
  • Avoid any kind of interruption while transferring process
  • Carry our re-formatting process with proper steps

Why Remo Data Recovery Software?

Remo Data Recovery utility can be used by users with less technical knowledge as it gives complete step to step guidance throughout recovery process. This software does not damage your system as it is free from all kinds of threats. It is comes in both paid and trail version so that you can use it according to your convenience. You can install the software in all latest versions of Windows operating system including Windows 10.

Get Back Files from Sony Vaio Windows 8

Certain times, you may end up with loss of files from Windows 8 on Sony Vaio laptop. This is due to various known and unknown reasons. When your files are deleted or lost from Sony Vaio laptop do you think it is lost forever? Absolutely No! Deleted of lost files remains in the laptop, but in a hidden state as their address pointer is removed from the file allocation table. But, until and unless you save new data on that place it is possible to recover them using recovery software like Remo Recover.

Scenarios responsible for loss of files from Sony Vaio Windows 8:

  • You may lose files from Sony Vaio Windows 8 laptop, in case you empty the recycle bin without realizing that there are few files that are necessary for you. Or else, you may also end up with loss of files, if you delete a file which is larger than the size of Recycle Bin folder, then the files will bypass the Recycle Bin and results in permanent loss.
  • In case, if you delete important file while removing unwanted ones, using shift + delete combinations or command prompt may lead to permanent loss of files from Sony Vaio laptop.
  • There is a chance of file loss, in case any interruption occurs while transferring files from Sony Vaio laptop to another storage device or within the system. Even improper cut and paste operation sometimes, results in loss of file.
  • Accidentally formatting partition containing your important files may also lead to file loss. Situation may arise while reinstalling your Windows 8 on Sony Vaio laptop where you may format wrong partition instead of the actual one where you want to install your OS.
  • Hard drive crash or failure, file system corruption, presence of bad sectors are some of the other reasons for file loss from Windows 8 on Sony Vaio laptop.

Whenever you come across these kind of situations, you might be worried about your important data, but not anymore as Remo Software has designed Remo File Recovery software which performs Windows 8 data recovery from Sony Vaio laptops in few mouse clicks. But before proceeding with data recovery, you have to follow some basic tips for successful recovery of deleted or lost data from Windows 8 Sony Vaio laptop.

  • Don’t save new files on Sony Vaio laptop soon after the data loss, as overwriting may occur
  • Never install file recovery software on the place from which you have to perform data recovery
  • Avoid any operation like repartitioning, reformatting, etc., on Sony Vaio laptop after losing files from it.

Remo File Recovery Software- Recovering data from Sony Vaio Windows 8 laptop…

Remo Recover tool comes handy to extract all the lost or deleted files from Windows 8 Sony Vaio laptop. The application is built with advanced recovery algorithms which deeply scans entire Sony Vaio laptop in order to locate and recover deleted or lost data. You can recover different types of files from Windows 8 Sony Vaio laptop such as text documents, ZIP archives, spreadsheets, Word files, PowerPoint files, along with media files like photos, video, audio, etc. The tool even helps you to recover data from corrupted, inaccessible or formatted Sony Vaio hard drive.

The tool comes with many unique options which makes data recovery easier for you. It’s Find option easily locates specific file from a large list of recovered files. It even allows you to pause recovery session with the help of option called Save Recovery Session so that you can avoid rescanning of the entire drive. You can also view recovered files before going to save them in any desired location with the help of Preview option. After recovery you can view recovered files using two options, one is File Type View, which display recovered files based on their file extension and another one is Data View option, through which you can view files in hierarchical format.

Safety Measure:

  • Always backup your Sony Vaio laptop data on any external storage device to avoid any data loss situation
  • Before deleting files or formatting drive, make sure that you have selected correct drive
  • After recovering files, don’t save them on the same drive from which you have lost or deleted them

Retrieve Files from Western Digital Partition

Lost data from Western Digital partition? Thinking, how to restore the files on the WD partition? Here is a quick solution to get back data from WD hard drive. Read on to know more…

Western Digital is an external hard drive which is widely used for transferring data among different systems and to backup of important files because of its large capacity, portability, reliability and high performance. However, there are chances of losing partitions from external hard drive due to many circumstances. So, is data lost is gone forever? No, you can recover WD partition data easily using Remo Recover Software.

How Remo helps in Western Digital partition recovery?

When you delete files from the external drive, they will bypass the Recycle Bin or Trash Bin as there is no recycling function on WD external hard drive. No matter, whether the files are deleted or lost from your Western Digital partition, they are not removed permanently from the WD drive. The files are still intact on the disk of your WD partition and the space where those files occupied is now marked as available to be overwritten. As long as the space is not overwritten, it is highly possible to restore data from WD partition using Remo Recover Software.

Remo Recover Software to restore files from WD partition

With the help of Remo Recover Software recovering missing/ deleted partition from external hard drive is not at all a big issue. The in-built scanning algorithm of the software helps to scan the entire hard drive in order to locate and recover data from Western Digital partition at the earliest. In addition, the tool scans the entire drive by skipping bad sectors and creates the exact replica of drive using “create disk image” option and later you can recover data.

Furthermore, you can retrieve data from corrupted, damaged, inaccessible or formatted WD hard drive and can even perform data recovery from reformatted hard drive in simple steps with the assistance of this tool. Also, recovers files from various Western Digital hard disk models such as My Passport, My Passport Ultra, WD Elements Desktop, etc.

You can use Remo Recover tool to restore data lost due to the following scenarios:

Interruptions: Sometimes, you may upgrade or convert your file system of partition due to some reasons. During conversion, if any interruption occurs or if you don’t follow proper steps, then there are chances of data loss from Western Digital partition. Also, while transferring data from Western Digital partition to other external storage devices or vice versa, if process gets interrupted, may also it leads to data loss

Accidental Formatting: While formatting the partition containing unwanted data, you may mistakenly format a wrong partition containing some important data resulting in data loss from Western Digital partition.

Format Errors: Sometimes while trying to access a partition on WD drive, you might encounter error messages like “Drive need to be formatted? Would you like to format it now?” In such case, you have to format that partition in order to gain access which results in data loss from partition

Other Reasons: In case if MBR gets corrupt due to software clash or due to some unpredictable reasons, then it might result in inaccessibility of that partition, while deleting unwanted files from WD partition, you might accidentally choose important ones which leads to data loss, if WD hard drive gets corrupted, you cannot access data stored on it.

Other features of Remo Recover Software

  • Supports data recovery from flash memory drives, iPods, hard disks such as SATA, SSD, IDE, SCSI and many others
  • Along with restoring data from Western Digital hard drive, this application also recovers data from other external hard drive brands such as Kingston, LaCie, Seagate, Buffalo, Toshiba, etc.
  • It identifies and recovers up to 300 file types including email archives, documents, ZIP archives, etc. from WD drive based on their unique signatures
  • The simple interface which can be understood by both professionals and novice users
  • It gives you an option to compress the recovered data according to the available disk space

Restore Previous Version – To Recover Data

While working with one’s system you could possibly delete much important information by making use of shift+del command on your Microsoft Windows OS. Or various other users that can easily remove data from your system. In that case you’re left with no choice instead of cursing them.

Now onwards, you need not to curse other folks for erasing your information because Microsoft windows provides “Restore Earlier Version“ option for recovering erased data files from your hard drive.

In this article, I will highlight the process to accomplish, recovery of erased data files using Microsoft Windows Restore Previous Version option.

If you are interested to know then let me explain; how deletes files are restored when deleted permanently from the hard disk?
This is the task of your Windows OS. Your OS automatically created the restore points from time to time. So, if by mistake your files have been deleted from the recycle bin then also it can be recovered using Restore Previous Version option.
Restore previous version option make use of restore points to recover data that has been created by your OS.

Isn’t Restore previous version seems up being easy? If your answer is affirmative then go for Windows Previous version option.

However in my experience using Previous Version option is not a better one.
The reason why I am saying this is:

  • To utilize Microsoft Windows Restore previous version option your particular drive ought to be protected by Windows OS. Simply because Windows OS makes restore points for the particular drive/partition that are protected. By default drive in which OS is installed is protected.
  • In Restore previous version, you should need to recall the particular folder name and also drive partition from where the particular data files have been erased.
  • Restoration is only achievable, if Windows has created a restore point for that partition.
  • While restoring it may happen that the existing files or folders get updated by the restored ones. Thus loss of existing data.
  • Restore previous version is not there in your OS or might be missing.

Bearing these difficulties in mind, it’s your preference whether you are intending to employ Windows earlier version or not?

Properly, if you need my recommendation then I can recommend you to make use of some software that is freely available.
The main one I had in my knowledge is; Remo MORE.
Remo MORE is a freeware software suite, which not only recovers data files via distinct folder but also from drives.
“Recover Files” module of MORE software program does it.

It offers numerous options that could be useful to people, although on the list of entire, one is “Quick Recovery”. Just a click on to this app may ask you to simply select the drive from where you’ve to extract the particular erased data files.

The reason why Remo MORE will be better in comparison with Microsoft Windows Restore earlier version option is:

  • This removes memorizing names of data files and folders that you have erased.
  • Also not to recall from which particular drive you have erased.
  • This kind of software program recovers all of the deleted data files.
  • To search recovered file easier it includes hierarchal view. So you’ll be able to locate your files easily.
  • Enhances its features by providing the user to save the recovery session for further use.

So thing you have to do is determine, which is more wholesome. All the best.