Leading App to Delete Duplicate Photos on Windows 8

Images play important role in everyone’s life because they immediately bring back one’s sweet memories. One might have stored huge collection of images which are captured in the past days of his / her life. Organizing photos in a systematic manner plays vital role in easy access of one’s beloved images and importantly helps to remove duplicate images, which in turn enhances the storage space on one’s Windows 8 system. What happens if you are also having duplicate image files on your Windows 8? Do you have any solution? If no, means you have safely reached this place since, here you will get complete details about deletion of duplicate photos.

At times, while downloading pictures online, there is a possibility that the same image might be downloaded frequently which can be saved on various locations of HDD. While transferring images from storage devices such as memory cards or pen drives to your Windows system, you might copy the same picture twice. These operations can result in duplicate pictures. Nevertheless, presence of duplicate pictures can eat more memory space on your Windows 8 HDD. Additionally, it ends up with confusion either while accessing pictures or while deleting them. Thus, it is important to remove duplicate pictures from the Windows 8 machine.

You can remove these duplicate pictures manually by searching the whole Windows 8 HDD for the pictures with the same name, size extension, etc. and later erase them. If you have more than hundred images, you need to check all of them. This is more difficult process as trying to search the duplicate images manually is extremely tedious as well as lengthy process. Now, the question arises how to delete duplicate photos on Windows 8? Thus, it is a time to move towards freely available third party tool called Remo More. It will evaluate each image file and decide which one to keep. Based on these factors, it removes duplicate picture files of any type from HDD in safe and secure way.

Additionally, it can delete internet temporary files which are created during browsing internet by means of any browser application. It will clear browsing history such as cached files, history, passwords, web pages, images, logos, downloaded data and hidden files which are formed after installing any other app on computer. It is capable to recognize duplicate photos on your Windows 8 PC. It scans your Windows 8 hard disk, locates all the duplicate photos and deletes them permanently. In fact, it tries to match the image names, size, content, file signature, last edited date and other attributes and then states the photo as duplicate. The duplicate photos of all formats including MPEG, JPG, PSD, BMP, GIFF, TIFF, etc. can be successfully deleted with this aid of this reliable app on Windows 8.

It is introduced with leading features that requires just few user inputs in the entire duplicate photos removal process. Furthermore, it can remove duplicate audio, videos, duplicate documents or any other files from Windows 8. You can successfully install it on Windows 7, XP, Vista, 2003, etc. In addition, it works fine on other OS like Mac, Android and iOS. This freeware, read-only app does not damage your system while removing duplicate pictures. Use its free demo edition to delete duplicate photos, temporary files and other junk files in just one click.