Crucial Software to Delete All Bookmarks on Mac

In my Safari browser there is lot of bookmarks. How to delete some of the bookmarks?

This operation can be performed by directly visiting Safari browser, clicking on the bookmarks option and deleting those bookmarks manually. Moreover if there is lot of bookmarks, user can select the bookmarks one by one in a more rapid manner by clicking on shift key, pressing down button. Perform deletion of all bookmarks or delete selected bookmarks. Although these steps sound faster, but it may take large time depend on the number of bookmarks. In different internet browsers the steps to delete bookmarks is different. While performing the deletion operation user should take proper care not to delete the bookmarks which are important. To go for easier method of deletion opting for third party software is a more convenient method.

Convenient Software:

Third party software like Remo MORE provides convenient way to delete bookmarks. This is because it provides automated means to delete the bookmarks. This software is highly recommended and trusted by most of its user. This is clearly evident from the feedbacks and reviews given by the user.

Positive Features:

Remo MORE provides efficient deletion of bookmarks. All forms of browser attributes are deleted using this incredible software. Attributes like browser history, cookies, cache etc. This deletion of browser attributes ensures deletion of all the sites related to the particular bookmark which user has chosen for deletion. Thus leaving all the trace in the browser related to that bookmark. The graphical user interface provided by the software is intuitive in nature making even the most basic users understand the deletion process with ease. After using this software it will be difficult to remember question like how to delete all bookmarks on mac. It just takes few minutes to identify all those bookmarks needed to be deleted. It runs on all the versions of Mac OS like Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion etc.

More reasons to delete bookmarks:

Bundled up bookmarks are related with issues concerning to slow browser operation. Suppose you are using Chrome browser and it has many bookmarked pages. Then, it may take longer duration to view browser pages. Moreover a cleaned list of bookmarks in browser allows the user to identify bookmarks more clearly rather than getting confused with it.

Steps to delete bookmarks:

  • Download and install Remo MORE in your Mac computer.
  • Start the software and choose “Optimize” option.
  • Next select “Privacy Cleaner” and “Clean Browser Junk” in your computer.
  • Now, tick mark all those browsers and associated browser attributes which need to be deleted along with bookmark option.
  • Click on “Clean” tab on the left bottom of next screen. After this all bookmarks will be deleted.


Remo MORE is free of cost software. If user has kept multiple bookmarks of different pages of the same internet site, then it is much advisable to keep single bookmark of that site. Once user clicks that bookmark link, then different pages of that browser can be viewed.