Splendid Software to Erase Search History

Do you know that the pages which you have browsed last month is still there in your internet browser’s history?

If not the complete page, but the link to the page is always available in your internet browser. Sometimes the search history can be viewed by your colleague, friend or even an unknown person. Now, consider a situation in which user frequently loses his bank account balance. When later during the inspection to solve the problem, it is found from the search history that some of the email files were browsed from the history items itself. In fact the browsed items contained details regarding the account number and password. So, another person had used the search history to get bank account details and thus extract money from the bank account. In actual, visited sites can be viewed again even after one year of usage. So, do you still want to keep the search history intact or would like to erase search history? There are other reasons too which will incline you towards erasing the search history frequently.

Reasons to erase the search history:

As discussed earlier too, erasing such items will keep the browsed pages confidential to another person who tries to view the search history, thus avoiding misuse or theft. Moreover by frequently erasing the browser history user can experience a faster internet usage. When the browser history is less crowded, then it directly brings changes to cache and cookie which in turn fetch and display the site information quickly. So, you would require some third party application software to erase the search history automatically.

Helpful software:

Remo MORE is the name of the software which allows the user to erase search history often in a periodic manner. The reviews and ranking of this software prove that it is software which can be trusted upon.

Simple features:

Remo MORE utilizes a very powerful algorithm to search for each and every trace of history items and then perform the erase operation in a complete manner. Moreover it hardly takes few seconds of duration to erase compete set of browsed sites from the inception of its first usage. By utilizing this software user can easily forget the question of how to erase search history and related questions of deleting browser attributes,. Because Remo MORE apart from performing the main operation also deletes temporary files, cookies, cache, address bar history etc. This software can erase browser history from most of the internet browsers like internet explorer, Chrome, Safari, Mozilla etc. It is compatible with Windows as well as Mac computers, phone, tablets, etc.

Steps to delete browser history:

  • Download and install the software comprising of less than hundred mega byte of data.
  • Launch the software and choose “Optimize” out of the four basic options available.
  • Now, select Privacy “Cleaner”.
  • Select “Clean Browser” junk option which has IE logo in it.
  • Select the browser, wait for the scanning process to complete and then click on the “Clean” tab.
  • A short information regarding number of files deleted will be shown on the next screen.