Better Utility to Lock Media Files Android

In the present era, majority of mobile phone users attracted towards Android device like tablets, Smartphone’s, etc. The devices containing Android OS has high user interface and rich with features. Hence, one can get many Android apps like online shopping, social media, games, etc. from Google Play store. Android Smartphone offers both internal and external storage space for storing any data. In earlier days, users prefer to keep their data in HDD, pen drive, memory card, etc. but nowadays they keep their beloved movies, videos and audio files in their Android phones only. This in turn helps them to access files quickly and sharing with other when required.

In today’s era, Android phones hold info about family functions, videos, bank passbook details, ATM password and other details. Due to this, there is a need to hide files. Consider that someone is seeing your bank account details and other sensitive info, you can avoid him but you cannot avoid your colleagues, friends and family members. Hence, hiding files and folders in secure manner can help only you to access them. If you do not know how to lock media files Android, then do not worry as you can follow manual methods to lock such files without leaving any traces about password. These methods are listed below:

Hide photos, files, videos: Go to file manager hide pictures, videos, etc. this thing can keep your files secret. In order to access your media files, just open the app and tap 4 times on the mobile screen  and you can see them.

Smart lock: A smart lock provides you full control over the media files you wish to keep to yourself.

Hide files: If you hide your media files in a folder on SD card which is not visible on your Android phone. It’s a best idea to hide media files.

 File cover: It helps various users to set password on their folders and pictures. Users can hide photos and other media files to view them privately.

Video safe: Video safe is helpful Android app which can lock various video files on your phone.

You can follow these things by visiting online and with the help of some other third party apps you can do such things. However, there are few apps which can damage your Android Smartphone to crash. Thus, to keep your device safe and to lock your media files securely use Remo More application. It provides password code i.e. you can set combination of letters and numbers to lock media files. It will work fine on KitKat, Ginger Bread, Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich, Froyo, etc. Only 50MB disk space is capable enough to install this tool on your system. It analytic software is responsible for power management, files compression and data backup operations. It supports Windows, iOS, Mac and Android OS. It is free from viruses and external threats. It is best recognized as analytic software to lock media files Android  Smartphone’s, tablets of well-liked brands like Motorola, Micromax, Lava, Samsung, Karbon, etc. supported by this magical software.