Applauded Utility to Boost Battery Life on Android Tablet

Android is one of the well-liked and newly launched OS which is used by global users. Its popularity is due to special features like its multitasking ability and user-friendliness. With the increase in technology, there are various Android devices like tablets and SmartPhones have been developed. These Android tablets provide plenty of features and let user to execute enormous programs and install several apps on their tablets. Sometimes, these features can result in irritating incidents such as battery draining. As a result of these multitasking and other superior features, Android tablet battery becomes low. This problem goes on continuous even after charging the battery full twice a day.

In order to understand what steps to take to fix battery draining issues, first you need to know the basic reason why the battery is being exhausted. To get this information in Android Tablet, simply follow the options Settings->Device->Battery. This window can show you the present rate of battery discharge. You can obtain the information of all sources that are using your battery. But if the battery becomes low, then it needs your little efforts to boost your Android tablet battery life. The little efforts include some of the manual tasks, which are listed below:

Deactivate Wi-Fi whenever not required:

In case your Android tablet of various brands like Samsung, Lenovo, Sony, etc. are continually attempting to connect to each Wi-Fi signal can search for a connection. It is totally wastage of power, so to save more power just turn-off the Wi-Fi signal when you do not require it. You may think it as tedious process and it is very useful thing for enhancing Android tablet battery.

Uninstall unwanted apps:

There are several apps that you might not require but they still present on Android tablet memory. Easy way to remove unwanted apps from tablet’s memory is to uninstall such apps. It plays an important role when you leave you gadget running continuously for a few days. To remove those apps, just go to Settings >Applications > Manage Applications and stop your selected app from the running menu. After performing this method, all unnecessary apps will be closed. If you do not require these apps in future then, erase them off completely.

Minimize Android tablet’s screen brightness:

It is considered as simplest method to increase battery life span. To achieve this, you need to minimize its display. For this, just go to battery usage page, opt out of the auto brightness controls and manually minimize the brightness as early as possible. In fact, the screen consumes more battery so, increases up to half an hour onto the life of Android tablet battery.

Most of the times, you may forget to turn-off GPS, LTE, Bluetooth and other hardware features after activating them. Tablet keeps these apps in active mode and it eats more power in searching and connecting to other networks. You have to turn-off these apps after use.

Avoid animated wallpapers and screen savers to stop unnecessary consumption of tablet battery.

Uninstall apps such as Clean master and Task killer or else keep them in inactive mode.

If above stated tips cannot help you to speed up Android tablet battery, then use one of the perfect software called Remo More. It scans the tablet and check out all features and apps and removes apps which consume the battery. It works fine on all Android SmartPhones like Samsung Galaxy S Duos, Motorola, Sony Xperia U, Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC Desire HD, HTC Amaze 4G, Google, etc. It can improve battery life on Android tablet on all editions of Android OS like Gingerbread, Jelly Bean, KitKat, Honeycomb, etc.