How to Restore Data from LG Laptop

LG is one of the popular brands and LG laptops are preferred by users since it provides powerful features and interactive interface.  Besides, it is portable and performs multiple tasks with good battery backup along with other benefits as well. However like other laptops, LG laptops are also prone to deletion or loss of data because of some unexpected situations.

Such circumstances are unavoidable and may result into loss of data. Well, instead of getting disappointed it is better to opt for Remo Recover data recovery program that helps in recovering all your data from your LG laptop with ease.

Remo Recover: Tool for restoring data from LG laptop

Remo Recover provides solution to retrieve files from LG Laptop without any complexity.  This tool also supports data recovery from other laptop brands which includes Dell, Sony HP etc. It recovers data from formatted or re-formatted external USB drives.  Besides, it also performs retrieval of files from hard disks, pen drives, thumb drives, memory sticks, SSD drives, external hard drive as well FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT partitions.

You can also recover files that bypass Windows Recycle when they exceed in size as compared to the Recycle Bin. Sometimes it may happen that you delete your files using shift delete or from Windows command prompt, then those files can also be easily recovered with ease. Thereafter the recovered files can be sorted according to name, date, size and file type.

Those files can also be found on the basis of date, creation date, extension, size and file name. After completion of recovery process, the recovered files can also be viewed in File Type view that helps in recovering data on the basis of your file extension and Data view allows you to view the recovered data in hierarchical format. Later you can also store them into CD / DVD or any desired destination location that can be accessed from your host computer.

Remo Recover software is compatible with Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2008 and Windows 2012. Furthermore, it will support Mac operating system that includes Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, Mavericks Yosemite and EI Capitan.

More Useful Features of Remo Recover Program

  • Remo Recover will also restore data from NTFS drive with ADS (Alternate Data Streams)
  • The software requires minimum disk space of 50 MB for installation purpose
  • It works on read-only mode which keeps the original file intact
  • Save Recovery Session helps in saving the re- scanning time of the drive and resume the saving process any time
  • It has been associated with technical assistance round the clock for handling queries related to the software
  • The user friendly interface of software helps in proper installation of as well as the usage of the software
  • With the help of Demo Version users can understand the performance of the software before purchasing the licensed / paid version

Note: It is recommended that you should not install the data recovery software on the same drive from where you have experience loss of data. Since it may cause difficulty in recovery process

Remo Recover also supports the following scenarios:

Accidental Formatting: Sometimes, you may unintentionally format a wrong drive or partition that holds your important files instead of some other drive, thus resulting in loss of data

Transfer Error: It may happen that while sharing files from LG laptop to other external devices there might arise some unexpected interruption that further causes inaccessibility to your files

Corruption to Hard drive: When the hard drive of LG laptop gets corrupted due to numerous bad sectors or any other reason then it can also cause loss of data

Apart from the above mentioned scenarios there can be other reasons as well wherein there is loss or deletion of data from LG laptop. Such issues can be easily resolved with the help of Remo Recover.

Precautions that should be taken in order to avoid above situations:

  • Make sure that you have backup copy of your important files because even if data gets lost you can easily restore it back
  • If you are working on laptop for long hours then check whether your laptop is not running on low battery