Distinctive Utility to Maximize Android Battery Life

In the present era Android devices including Smartphones, tablets, etc. are very popular due to their gorgeous picture quality, improved battery life, attractive screen and many more. However, these functionality and the innovations added to these devices can reduce its battery life. But you can limit your basic needs and regular activities on these gadgets but put some efforts to avoid battery problems. There are many things that you have to carry out about phone settings to make better usage of Android battery power.

Reduce screen brightness: If you keep more brightness of screen can drain battery power. Thus, you need to customize brightness to low by option offered in settings.

Remove unwanted widgets: Normally widgets in Android device can help you to reach features or apps. However, having many number of widgets take battery life. Thus, it is better to avoid unwanted widgets that you won’t use regularly.

Avoid live wallpapers: Usually live wallpapers have more graphics, animations, etc. So avoid these wallpapers and employ normal wallpapers.

Delete unnecessary apps that you will not use on daily basis. After installing these apps on your device can consume more memory space and runs some background processes.

If you have set your Android phone in vibration mode, then little quantity of battery is consumed. So activate vibration mode only when you need it. Check whether haptic feedback option is marked or not. If marked, immediately uncheck it because it gives only little vibration whenever you press the keys.

Some apps running background like email applications, WhatsApp, Weather Services, Facebook, Twitter, etc. can reduce battery power. Simultaneously, disable GPS location feature, Wi-Fi, screen brightness, Bluetooth, etc. to avoid wastage of battery.

If you have installed many apps with active notifications, which can automatically pop up when something has occurred in background. To achieve this, there should be network connection. You need to turn off notifications until you really need them.

Disable some installed apps like Clean master and Task killer

Always keep your Android phone in power saving mode

Use lightweight background apps that means attempt to use apps that consume less memory space to install on your Android device

Keep updating your Android device to the recent firmware as it helps you to get the benefits of each release of Android OS, updates that make sure constancy, superior performance and connectivity along with new features.

Actually, finding the reasons behind reduced Android battery power is a difficult thing for you. Thus, you are suggested to you Remo More utility, which can find out reasons consuming your device battery power unnecessarily. You can improve Android battery life by customize their profile settings in it. This faultless software can maximize Android battery life on all editions of Android OS like Jelly Bean, KitKat, Honeycomb, Gingerbread, Ice-cream Sandwich, etc. It works fine on all Android phones like Sony, Samsung, LG, HTC, Micromax, etc. and supports Android tablets such as Lenovo, Samsung Galaxy Note, Asus and many more. It can be successfully used by novice users. It has superior Power Manager option, you will customize and schedule power plans in your phone as per requirement. It can stop all stop background running apps when your Android phone screen is off. It disconnects the Wi-Fi, 3G in case you are not using internet.