Basic Software for Mac Users to Password Protect Photos

My Mac computer is haven to important photos of my photography, what should I do to make it safe?

Most of the Mac computer users ask this question to themselves about the safety of the precious photos taken by them or collected from different sources. But, in my Mac computer the photos are taken by me for a wildlife style magazine competition. If I fetch the title I will be assigned photographer post and get chance to explore things in photography. There are hundreds of photos stored in the desktop. I searched a lot in the internet forums, blogs to know about the protection method because if it gets leaked to wrong person, then my chances of bagging that prize will decrease a lot. I didn’t got any better name than a software whose name will be unveiled later in this article but got the indication that by using third party utility software, this problem can be sorted out.

Other possible method to safeguard photos:

A user can also protect the photo by using conventional Mac in-built features which can be helpful to some extend but is not the reliable way. To use a reliable way user should prefer using utility software.

Which software to choose from?

As we know there are thousands of third party software and if the user is not having technical knowledge, then it will be difficult to choose perfect software. The name of the software which we were about to unveil is called Remo MORE which gives guaranteed password protection of photos on Mac devices.

Additional features:

Remo MORE is very powerful software having handful of other utility software combined in single software. This software gives the user option to password protect photos on mac computer thus safeguarding the photos from illicit access. The coding used for password protection is very strong which works for photos of all formats like JPEG, GIF, PNG etc. User can choose their own set of password to lock the photos. It even provides the facility to unlock it if somehow user forgets the password. Remo MORE is compatible with most of the versions of Mac operating system like Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, OS X etc.

Steps to password protect photos:

  • Download, install and start the software.
  • Choose “Manage” option from the four basic options available to the user.
  • Select “File Manager” and then select “File Protector”.
  • Now select appropriate master password and select “OK”.
  • After this choose the “File/Folder Locker” tab from the two options.
  • Checkmark those photos from the folder which you want to protect and add more folder if required. Click on “Lock” tab in the bottom right corner.


It’s better to keep photos in self made folders, then to search for photos one by one choose and select it for password protection. Always use password which are difficult to guess for other Mac computer users but is simple to remember for the one who locks the photos.