Better Software to Remove PC Junk Files

Whenever you purchase new computer you notice that it is free from unwanted files and works faster. As days goes on, you will see that it is taking enough time to execute any tasks and slowdowns your computer speed. The major reason behind this is the collection of junk files due to installing new apps on computer. Whenever you install any application on the PC, list of files get created on hard disk which are helpful until the app runs. Nevertheless, when you uninstall such apps, then these files will not get delete and remain present in system hard disk and start consuming unnecessary space on this storage device. Hence, your system responds slowly while performing any tasks.

The junk files include temporary files, duplicate files, old programs, shortcuts, files and folders which are no longer used by you. The computer speed depends on the amount of free space left on hard disk, processor, RAM memory, OS, etc. In order to improve the performance of your system, you have to remove these junk files from hard disk as soon as possible. But how will you remove junk files from PC? If case, you don’t know the answer means just stay calm. There are some manual methods which will help you to clear junk files. Let us go through these techniques:

  • Click Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup
  • You will see a window in which choose the drive you want to remove from the drop-down menu and click on Ok option
  • Open ‘My Computer’, just right click on the drive you selected to find out the amount of free space. This process requires some time
  • Later, select a categorical list of files. Don’t go with the options that are automatically checked. Review every category of files up for removal. Click on category can give more info about the category in the ‘Description’ section of the window
  • Now, click on ‘View Files’ option to ensure that files have been deleted and finish the list of files scheduled for removal will be displayed in Windows Explorer. Here, you can move any files you wish to save by dragging and dropping them to secure location leaving the category chosen. If you want to save every file, simply close the window and uncheck the file category to keep it out from the disk cleanup. Soon after reviewing all the categories, click OK to start the cleanup.

However, the major disadvantage of this process is that it will not give satisfactory result. In such case, employ Remo More tool to remove PC junk on all latest versions of Windows, Mac, iOS and Android OS. It is available for free and removes internet temporary files. It supports all popular browsers including Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Dolphin, Internet Explorer, etc. You can use it to delete junk files from memory card, USB drive, external hard disk, etc.