How to Recover USB Disk Data

Are you looking for some assistance on how to restore USB disk data?

USB disks are mostly used for transferring data between computers / laptops and vice versa.  However, these USB disk come across data loss situations that cannot be predicted. When you come across such situations, you may think that you cannot recover you data from USB disk. Well, data recovery from USB drive is possible and it can be achieved with the help of Remo Hard Drive Recovery software.

About Remo Hard Drive Recovery software

Remo Hard Drive Recovery software assists in recovery of data from USB devices without any difficulty. The application performs easy recovery of data from USB disk which can be your pen drive, thumb drive, flash drive. Thereafter the recovered files can be sorted according to name, date, size and file type.

The recovered USB files can also be sorted on the basis of date, creation date, size and file name. Thereafter, the recovered files can also be viewed in File Type view that helps in recovering data on the basis of your file extension. Whereas you can also make use of Data view that allows you to arrange the data in hierarchical format. Later you can also store them into CD / DVD or any desired destination location that can be accessed from your host computer.

Remo Hard Drive Recovery software is compatible with all the latest versions of Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1. Furthermore, it will support Mac operating system that includes Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, Mavericks Yosemite and EI Capitan

 Remo Hard Drive Recovery software is used for:

  • It easily performs recovery of deleted compressed files from NTFS formatted drives
  • The feature of Disk images helps in creating images that will bypass bad sectors from hard drive and thus help in recovering data even from disk image files
  • The data can also be recovered from memory cards, SD cards, Compact cards and other storage devices.
  • You can also retrieve data from USB disk files that bypass Windows Recycle with the help of USB data recovery software when they exceed in size as compared to the Recycle Bin.
  • Sometimes it may happen that you delete your files using shift delete or from Windows command prompt, then those files can also be easily recovered with ease.
  • The feature of Save Recovery Session helps in saving the re-scanning time of your entire drive when you purchase the software
  • Technical Help is a provided 24X7 for resolving customer queries related to the usage of the software
  • Demo version is used for checking the performance of the utility before you opt for licensed version
  • The application provides step by step guidance that is easy for users to install and use the software effectively which assists technical as well as non-technical user
  • USB Drive Manufacturers: It includes Kingston, SanDisk, Transcend, Sony, HP, Samsung, Toshiba, Panasonic, Samsung, Seagate and many more.

Factors responsible for data loss situations from USB drive

Unintentional Deletion: Sometimes, you may accidentally delete some of your important files from your USB. Later you realized that you lost few of your important files and you cannot restore them unlike Recycle Bin

Accidental Formatting: Sometimes, you select the wrong drive or partition to get rid of some error messages or saving disk space then you may perform accidental formatting or reformatting of USB drives

Improper Ejection: During on-going data transfer process, if in case you eject your USB drive abruptly then it may cause inaccessibility of data which results into data loss

Other Issues: It may include power failure, abrupt system shutdown, damage to file system etc.

Points to remember:

  • Backup your essential USB disk data on daily basis
  • Stop using the disk and stop adding new files when you loss data from it
  • Make use of Safe Removal Option while ejecting your USB drive