How to restore SR2 Photos in a quick way

We are aware about the emerging tech trends and stuffs in this digital world. So ‘selfie’ is the most spelt among people rather than other words. Digital photos are something that adds detailing to everyday moments. When it comes to digitalized photographs, one such brand that stays top hit among camera users is ‘Sony’. Yes, Sony offers high definition and high quality pictures accompanied with customized settings to its end users. The pictures captured from these cameras are generated with RAW or JPG file format. And RAW further comprises of ARW, SR2 and SRF formats.

There are many chances to lose such RAW photos from camera, memory card, etc. get corrupt or lost very easily. Years of sweet memories vanishes in just an eye wink! Some of the reasons that results in photo loss disasters are mentioned below. Go through those factors and be informed about it so as to prevent future photo loss situations.

  • Ejecting memory card while camera is still in use
  • Accidentally deleting pictures while removing junk files
  • Unintentionally formatting the card that holds SR2photos
  • Using the memory card on multiple devices can corrupt the pictures
  • Interrupting file transfer from camera to any other device
  • Capturing pictures with low powered cameras

At this moment, one might probably look for a best solution to recover SR2 pictures in a quick way.  There’s no such manual method that is enclosed within any digital camera that can fix the issue. Only reliable photo recovery software will help to do so. What should a normal person do when he faces photo loss problem?

I would rather say, ‘stay calm’! But most of the times, SR photo loss victims perform some “Do it yourself” methods on their camera. This may further worsen the case. When you accidentally delete/format the camera/memory card that holds your .sr2 files, immediately stop using it. Avoid capturing more photos, fresh/new files takes a chance to occupy the disk space. The fact is, all deleted or formatted files won’t be erased completely from device. Only the registry entry of the file is marked as free by the file system. Whenever a new file is added to the camera/card, this ultimately overwrites the lost photos. And the chance of recovering them gradually decreases.

Action to be played

As mentioned earlier, stop using the card and avoid further loss of files. Spontaneously, switch to a reliable and effective photo recovery software. Because these applications will scan for the ‘marked as free’ files, identifies and restores them back to form.

Be alert this time-

  1. Use an efficient recovery tool to get the job done correctly. Be choosy about it. Avoid insecure tools
  2. Avoid mishandling card/camera while transferring photos
  3. Strictly follow the above two tips